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IMAGE MATTERS: Would You have plastic surgery?

The Guardian has followed up yesterday’s news about the increased number of people having Plastic Surgery for physical enhancement.

read it here

Every one of the subjects in Image Matters has to confront that question , and their responses are different … so, would YOU?



Image Matters visiting lecture and screening

Director Rozy Sarkis and co-producer Gillian McIver will be screening the documentary Image Matters and delivering a guest lecture/Q and A at Roehampton University on Feb 5.

Today the Guardian reported that:

Cosmetic surgery operations in UK top 50,000 for the first time

Market in 2013 for plastic surgery was mainly female, says data released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Women had 45,365 operations, compared with 4,757 for men.

Image Matters presents the story of a close-knit community of bourgeois women in Lebanon who live in a  culture of “perfectability.” But it’s not confined to Lebanon – in the developed world all women face these choices.

Why does Image matter so much? Why are we prepared to cut, burn and inject poison into ourselves to “look perfect”?