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Producer and Director
While studying History at university, I just picked up a camera and started shooting. Soon I decided to take it seriously. In my last year at film school, I got a chance to go to Russia to videograph a physics conference. This later turned into my first independent short documentary River Physics, which featured the Nobel Prize winning physicist Vitaly Ginsberg. Stills from River Physics:

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This led me to a chance to work in Russia with independent TV company Volga TV, based in the Volga region of Nizhny Novgorod. I developed two arts-based series for Volga together with my collaborator Ekaterina Ryndyk, including the short film Peter the Great in London. On the back of this I went into development of a documentary series about the Volga River tracing a journey along Europe’s longest river, from its source to Astrakhan on the Black Sea; however after the research was done the commission sadly did not go ahead, due to the changing priorities of the broadcaster. This was followed by a great deal of interesting work for corporate clients, and stints doing live coverage for Channel 4.

My focus then turned to experimental approaches to documentary; founding the Luna Nera group of site-specific artists, I made a number of films documenting unusual projects and strange places.  I returned to Russia to make the short film Tarkovsky’s River released in 2010 which a photo essay book Tarkovsky’s River. The photographs were exhibited at the Format Festival of Photography in 2009.

Postindustrial Baroque 2009 Luna Nera Films:


I am interested in films about how art is a lens through which we can see life, and films about how art changes our way of seeing the world. My 2010 film Tarkovsky’s River is about how cinema interferes with our memories. I saw an obscure little Volga Region town differently when I viewed it through an awareness of Tarkovsky, his films and his writings.

Tarkovsky’s River 2010:


Taking Over the King’s Land is a film about an Egyptian artist and his struggle to make sense of London and its peculiarities, by undertaking a massive and unfunded mural project on the buildings of a condemned housing estate.

~ selected filmography ~

The Landscape of Pleasure 2011 Parallel Project Films


Places (5 FIlms) 2005 – collection includes The First Experimental CIty (about Belfast); Europa (about Berlin); The House on Sadovaya Street (about author Mikhail Bulgakov in Moscow); Mosti The Bridges of St Petersburg (about St Petersburg); and La Mort Toujours (about the Paris catacombs)


~ Reportage ~

Massar Egbari Interview (2013):

Massar Egbari Interview at Studio75 London


my website:


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