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Screenings for ‘Taking Over the King’s Land’ in Egypt

Screenings of the Arabic subtitled version are scheduled for the launch of the Studio75Alexandria project, in Alexandria this autumn.

The film can be viewed here (click image to go to vimeo page):



Recent screenings for Image Matters in Cyprus

Screening of IMAGE MATTERS, with director Rozy Sarkis at Cine Studio, University of Nicosia
Hosted by the Fine Art Programme, Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia
Sponsored by the Lebanese Embassy in Cyprus
Wednesday, 09.09.2015

IMAGE MATTERS Q AND A – Thurs 30 April 6;30 at Goldsmiths


Small Cinema, Main Building

50 mins. + Q and A with the director Rozy Sarkis, Co -Producer Gillian McIver and editor Jonathan Stirling

Director Rozy Sarkis  was inspired by the bizarre world she witnessed around her while growing up in a wealthy village in war-torn Lebanon.  She worked on award-winning feature film Tangled Up in Blue’ by Haider Rashid and documentary short The Newspaper House by Sumer Erek featured on The Guardian. Rozy has traveled across the globe with an anthropological interest in different cultures. Image Matters is her first feature. 

Co-Producer Gillian Mciver GILLIAN MCIVER began making underground films while studying History at university, starting by simply by picking up a camera and shooting. She has been producer of  TV documentaries in Russia and a series of  films, including “Postindustrial Baroque” (2009) exploring abandoned urban spaces. Her most recent film is “Taking Over The King’s Land” (2014), about an artist’s project to cover a condemned East London estate with murals.

Editor Jonathan Stirling has worked on tons of factual stuff, from the World Cup to the news, right though to Miley Cyrus’s last tour and Educating the East End. Jon brings his wealth of knowledge about popular culture to editing IMAGE MATTERS.



In the midst of war, a group of women indulge in a shopping spree, in the midst of crises, they are busy getting their hair done. And in between all of this, they always make time for a visit to the plastic surgeon.  Rozy Sarkis’s documentary Image Matters explores the country’s culture of cosmetic surgery.
With the spotlight on Marinelle, a popular Lebanese soap-opera actress, Image Matters follows her insatiable desire to regain the lost beauty of youth. As she struggles with the dangers of the operation and the complications that ensue, the background features a hub of female family members, each riddled with their own anxieties about their appearance. This family drama plays out against a broader backdrop of considerable social upheaval and instability.


“The two women talking about shopping in the midst of war—there are so many layers of contemporary culture captured in IMAGE MATTERS simultaneously, such as a distracting investment in the surface, a solution to anxiety…” Virginia Blum, Author of ‘Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery’



IMAGE MATTERS SCREENINGIMAGE MATTERS  50 min. 30 April at 18.30 followed by Q & A

Directed and produced by Rozy Sarkis 

Inspired by the bizarre world she witnessed around her while growing up in a wealthy village in war-torn Lebanon, Rozy Sarkis’s documentary Image Matters explores the country’s culture of cosmetic surgery. The film focuses in particular on popular Lebanese soap opera actress Marinelle’s quest to resist the effects of aging by transforming her face. As she struggles with the dangers of the operation and the complications that ensue, the background features a hub of female family members, each riddled with their own anxieties about their appearance. This family drama plays out against a broader backdrop of considerable social upheaval and instability.




the biggest street art project in London

Street art documentary TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND will screen at Portobello Film Festival. This is the first official screening in London.

nazir tanbouli


“Taking Over The King’s Land (Gillian McIver) 23 mins. As everybody prepares for
the 2012 Olympics,  Nazir Tanboull begins the biggest street art project in London”

Here is the programme for Saturday 30 August, 6 pm

The rest of the festival programmes can be seen here




Portobello Film Festival – first official LONDON SCREENING

Street art documentary TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND will screen at Portobello Film Festival. This is the first official screening in London.

Portobello Film Festival runs from 28 August to 14 September – full programme with screening dates  will be published very soon.

TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND has also been accepted in to the International Film Festival of Fine Arts in Szolnok, Hungary (15-19 October 2014).

Nazir Tanbouli

Nazir Tanbouli