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Screenings for ‘Taking Over the King’s Land’ in Egypt

Screenings of the Arabic subtitled version are scheduled for the launch of the Studio75Alexandria project, in Alexandria this autumn.

The film can be viewed here (click image to go to vimeo page):



Recent screenings for Image Matters in Cyprus

Screening of IMAGE MATTERS, with director Rozy Sarkis at Cine Studio, University of Nicosia
Hosted by the Fine Art Programme, Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia
Sponsored by the Lebanese Embassy in Cyprus
Wednesday, 09.09.2015

Portobello Film Festival – first official LONDON SCREENING

Street art documentary TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND will screen at Portobello Film Festival. This is the first official screening in London.

Portobello Film Festival runs from 28 August to 14 September – full programme with screening dates  will be published very soon.

TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND has also been accepted in to the International Film Festival of Fine Arts in Szolnok, Hungary (15-19 October 2014).

Nazir Tanbouli

Nazir Tanbouli

Sheffield DocFest and onward

It was great to take part in Sheffield Doc/Fest. The festival, which is the UK’s biggest documentary-only film festival,  gets about 2,000 submissions. Of that, they screen about 150 films (but that includes interactive films, shorts and older films) and host 100 others in the Videotheque, then  online for a 3 month period. So we are pretty pleased to be in that little pile!

So far we have got some great tweets and emails about TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND so here’s hoping it keeps getting out there and finds that audience we made it for!


Does the funding of British documentaries threaten the quality of the content?

In the Independent today:   food for thought. Let’s see what Sheffield Docfest makes of our unfunded and uncompromised doc TAKING GVER THE KING’S LAND.