Taking over the King’s Land Synopses: brief pitch, synopsis and long synopsis:

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As London prepares for the 2012 Olympics, Egyptian Nazir Tanbouli begins the King’s Land project. Taking as his canvas a whole condemned East London housing estate, he transforms it with art.

Short Synopsis:

London Summer 2012. It’s Jubilee year, Olympic year.
And in a forgotten corner of East London, in the shadow of the Olympic site, Egyptian artist Nazir Tanbouli is battling weather, vandalism and lack of funds, to create a massive mural installation throughout a semi-derelict housing estate.

One man, one brush. Taking Over the King’s Land follows Nazir through his self appointed task on the Kingsland estate. Can art counter the urban atmosphere of deprivation, blight and neglect?

Longer Synopsis:

 What on earth is an Egyptian doing painting the walls of a condemned block of flats in East London? Taking Over The King’s Land is a documentary film about artist Nazir Tanbouli and his self appointed task to take over a whole semi-derelict housing estate in East London and cover it with art.  In 2012, Olympic and Jubilee year, the Kingsland social housing estate lay in ruins, yet was still inhabited. The flats were neglected and ruined, the once-proud estate became synonymous with crime and brutality.  Can art counter the urban atmosphere of deprivation, blight and neglect?

Nazir seems to think so, and so we follow him as he embarks on the project, battling the endless rain and the bitter weather of the “British summer.” Unusually, Nazir has no funding, no support and no validation from any arts or culture organisation. Only the neighbours know he is there. As he says “people here think I’m either rich or crazy.” Rich, he is not. Crazy, maybe. Fiercely independent, strongly opinionated and immensely talented, Nazir Tanbouli takes over the King’s land.

download KINGSLAND synopses [file]


Producer director: Gillian McIver
Editor: Alessandro Ugo for Focal Rhythm Productions
Additional Cameras:  Jaime Armengol, Binita Wilton, Stefano Battarola
Colour Grade: Stefano Battarola
Music Selection, sound design and sound engineering: Max Krook
Additional Interviews recorded by Adrian Shephard, Sahar Mahroomi


Massar Egbari Ana Haweit
Massar Egbari Mrour (from the album “Eqra El Khaber” or “Read This News” massaregbari.com

Music Recording Engineers:
Diego Salema Reis
Williams Cumberbatch

Philosophy Rap – Benjamin Miller and Tom “Cracker” Williams
Cumbanchero – Tumbaito
Life on the Street – Afla Sakey
Dirty Dub – Rory Walker
T12BS – Rory Walker
Soul Jump – Benjamin Williams

Hi Quality Stills (ZIP FILE) – ALL PHOTOS ©Gillian McIver and can be used for press promotion of the film ONLY. Any other use will be deemed as being without permission.

Stills to download at 300 dpi (zip)

Still at web resolution:

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