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IMAGE MATTERS Q AND A – Thurs 30 April 6;30 at Goldsmiths

MORE INFO HERE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/461816800636705/

Small Cinema, Main Building

50 mins. + Q and A with the director Rozy Sarkis, Co -Producer Gillian McIver and editor Jonathan Stirling

Director Rozy Sarkis  was inspired by the bizarre world she witnessed around her while growing up in a wealthy village in war-torn Lebanon.  She worked on award-winning feature film Tangled Up in Blue’ by Haider Rashid and documentary short The Newspaper House by Sumer Erek featured on The Guardian. Rozy has traveled across the globe with an anthropological interest in different cultures. Image Matters is her first feature. 

Co-Producer Gillian Mciver GILLIAN MCIVER began making underground films while studying History at university, starting by simply by picking up a camera and shooting. She has been producer of  TV documentaries in Russia and a series of  films, including “Postindustrial Baroque” (2009) exploring abandoned urban spaces. Her most recent film is “Taking Over The King’s Land” (2014), about an artist’s project to cover a condemned East London estate with murals.

Editor Jonathan Stirling has worked on tons of factual stuff, from the World Cup to the news, right though to Miley Cyrus’s last tour and Educating the East End. Jon brings his wealth of knowledge about popular culture to editing IMAGE MATTERS.



In the midst of war, a group of women indulge in a shopping spree, in the midst of crises, they are busy getting their hair done. And in between all of this, they always make time for a visit to the plastic surgeon.  Rozy Sarkis’s documentary Image Matters explores the country’s culture of cosmetic surgery.
With the spotlight on Marinelle, a popular Lebanese soap-opera actress, Image Matters follows her insatiable desire to regain the lost beauty of youth. As she struggles with the dangers of the operation and the complications that ensue, the background features a hub of female family members, each riddled with their own anxieties about their appearance. This family drama plays out against a broader backdrop of considerable social upheaval and instability.


“The two women talking about shopping in the midst of war—there are so many layers of contemporary culture captured in IMAGE MATTERS simultaneously, such as a distracting investment in the surface, a solution to anxiety…” Virginia Blum, Author of ‘Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery’



Sheffield DocFest opens today

Sheffield DocFest opens today and amazing streetart doc TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND is on in the Videotheque throughout the festival.

If you are a delegate, please pull up a chair and have a look at the inspiring story of how an Egyptian artist tried to turn a condemned London housing estate into a giant artwork.


Portrait Nazir Tanbouli

Portrait Nazir Tanbouli

Does the funding of British documentaries threaten the quality of the content?

In the Independent today:   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/opinion/crisis-in-funding-british-documentaries-threatens-the-quality-of-the-content-9468392.html   food for thought. Let’s see what Sheffield Docfest makes of our unfunded and uncompromised doc TAKING GVER THE KING’S LAND.

Last few hours to support A BRUSH SOAKED IN CARMINE

TEO TODOROV is a young Bulgarian film maker based in London. Fed up with scathing media reports about Bulgaria from EU-phobic newspapers, he wanted to make a film that would correct misconceptions. And yet, he was aware that in today’s Bulgaria despite a phenomenally rich history, there are many problems. What to do?
Teo formed Kro.no Productions with his fellow film school graduates and they have gone off to Bulgaria to research and discover what is modern Bulgaria all about?
A country that has had difficulty extricating itself from the Soviet shadow, Bulgaria is little known in Western Europe. As the director says,

“The film will be a unique look into post-communist, modern day Bulgaria, giving an insight into Eastern Europe that is rarely (if ever) seen in the Western world. Running through the film will be a focus on the tradition of icon painting throughout Bulgaria’s history, and why this is such an important part of the culture. The film will include a number of different personal stories, by people of varying social backgrounds, told with interviews and reenactments for some of the more dramatic parts.”

Influenced by the documentary approaches of Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, among others, Todorov has found some strange and unique stories that promise to finally shed some light on this mysterious and fascinating part of Europe.

Teo’s appeal:

Campaign page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-brush-soaked-in-carmine