Rozy Sarkis is a producer-director that has traveled across the globe with an anthropological like interest in different cultures. In 2008 she went to Ethiopia to co-produce Developing Ethiopia, a documentary about the work of NGO’s in third world countries. She studied in London and has specialized in creative media projects since 2004, including feature film Tangled Up in Blue by Haider Rashid, documentary short The Newspaper House for The Guardian and the documentary festival ‘Crossing The Line: Between Fact and Fictio’n that explored the cross-genres of documentaries through renowned documentarians. Before 2004 she collaborated on video art projects including Garcia Lorca esta Vivo? a film by award-winning Dutch filmmaker Eef De Graaf which was selected for the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw and Film festival Cannes-Short film Corner. Rozy Sarkis latest film is Image Matters, a documentary about cosmetic surgery and what motivates women to seek an aesthetic that is not themselves.

Rozy can be contacted via Baitfish Films


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